Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tour blog #6

Infinitus Day 3 (Saturday) - Not going to lie, this was another serious pool day. We spent the majority of the morning at the pool drinking daiquiris and going down the water slide with the Ministry of Magic guys and Erinn Lewis and Julie and Mark's girlfriend. I'm loosing track of what we did next (as again, the days are all blurring together) but I do remember that my sunburn on my forehead was so bad that I had to go buy a hat to wear just to sit in direct sunlight for a few more hours and not feel like my face was going to melt off. I'm not really a hat person, but I AM a I-like-having-a-face person, so I shelled out $25 for a floral sunhat. And I am going to the Bahamas in about a month, so a hat like that will probably be cool there. Right?

We ate lunch at this little Italian café and since the whole hotel area is Italy-themed, we were also serenaded by a man singing some sort of Italian operatic ballad from a balcony above us. My life is so weird.

That night was the ball, so we all got dressed up before heading over to the other hotel for the party. I wore this little denim dress (I bought it at the mall they held the ANTM auditions at, while waiting in line) with neon paint splatter marks all over it. It was strapless and rather short, so I was very concerned all night. About it falling off. It didn't though, which was a relief.

The ball was pretty fun. Matt and Alex were in charge of DJ-ing, so the music was (mostly) really great. Matt played "Voldemort Fangirl", to which I rolled my eyes at him and refused to dance because it felt weird, but later on in the night Alex played "Don't Unplug Me", where I'll admit I hammed it up when Luke and I jumped onstage and lip synced along well everyone rocked out on the dance floor. We are dorks.

My favorite part of the night was when they played that "from the window to the wall" song and everyone, nerds of all shape, size and color, got down and dirty in the name of Harry Potter. It was so, so funny. I love these people so much.

I don't want to complain too much about the rest of the night, but I will briefly recap what happened. After the ball was "Comedy NIght", the last of the wizard rock concerts and the one we were supposed to be headlining. The other bands played and a few comedians came up and did their thing, but they seriously underestimated the event on time so when it came time for the Parselmouths to play, they turned the lights on and said the show was over because we needed to get out of the room by 1:30 am. Fans started chanting "Parselmouths! Parselmouths!" but a woman got on a megaphone and said "We can't put them on! We'll be charged $5,000!"

So most people left. THEN, after arguing with the Infinitus coordinator for a while (and not being treated very fairly) they tried to make us play in the lobby, unplugged, which is not something I feel like doing after 1. being promised a stage and a sound system and 2. already losing my voice and trying to be easy on it. It didn't seem fair to play in a lobby, especially since there had just been an announcement saying we wouldn't be playing so more than half the people at the show had already gone to bed.

The whole situation was pretty disappointing, since every other band got to play just as they'd been promised and we felt incredibly pushed aside. Finally we compromised on having us play the Leaving Feast the next morning, which was actually really nice of them to let us do. I played the show on 3 hours of sleep (in my pajamas, to make a statement - I'm sorry, I'm a Slytherin through and through) and got a ton of twitter messages from sad fans who had early flights home that day and didn't get to see us play, but at least we got to have a show at all. So anyway, that was Infinitus.

Needless to say, I am very excited for LeakyCon, where I know things like this would never happen.

Infinitus Day 4 (Sunday) and the drive to Tavares - Like I said, we played the Leaving Feast this morning. They also gave Eia and I these little wrapped presents from Lush that were meant for the Infinitus volunteers, which was kind of cool. I like Lush stuff. Basically we played our show to a bunch of sleepy people eating breakfast, but got a bunch of them to come up and dance for our last song, Voldemort Fangirl. I was also really happy when a bunch of friends (including Luke, Ryan, Matt, Alex Carpenter and Eia's friends Tracy and Ginger) woke up early to come see us. I know that hardly ANYONE got more than 4 hours of sleep that night, so it really meant a lot to me that they were all there to support us. Lauren even came up and backed me up on guitar because I was nervous to play in front of that many people (many of which only were there for the food and didn't care about wizard rock). So, the moral of this story is that I have great friends.

After breakfast we hung out in the vendor room for awhile (next to the Starkid Potter people who had this outrageous line wrapped outside and around the corner for over an hour) and were able to sell a few more shirts/CDs/posters and talk to some fans. There were a lot of really sweet people who made sure to come to our show, so that made me pretty happy.

I also got to meet Darren Criss (the guy who plays Harry in AVPM) as we were all packing up. He's a nice guy. :)

After we were all pretty much done with Infinutus, we packed up our stuff and headed over to Citywalk one more time for lunch, and we all piled into Margaritaville. I got to spend a lot of time chatting with Frak (from Pottercast, and resident HP artist - he did the cover of the first ALL CAPS album and designed the lightning bolt tattoo I have on my foot) and Jake Niffler, which was nice. We had this ship wheel at the end of our table that actually turned, and every once in a while the lights would flash in the restaurant like we were in a storm, so Jake would pretend to steer us back to safety. Okay, it sounds really dorky now but I promise it was funny at the time.

Then we said our goodbyes and headed out. We were going back to Justin's parents' house for another night there, and after his mom made us a delicious dinner of chicken and salad and bread and sweet potatoes, I honestly fell asleep around 10pm watching a movie with Luke. It had been a long, long weekend.

Chipotle burritos: 14
Random road sign right now: RUGS! Unbelievable prices. Exit 87.


Larangutang said...

Sounds like Infinitus was kind of unorganized. Maybe it's good that I saved my money for LeakyCon :]

izzie. said...

It was sooo unorganized. I'm hoping for a much better time at LeakyCon.

alylurker said...

I'm glad you played at the leaving feast! Although I had to miss part of your show to get the cast of AVPS to sign my posters xD Still, you were amazing at roflcoptour and I had so much fun at Old Bridge and Poughkeepsie! :D Thanks for being awesome!

Krazy_4_Kelly said...

I read about that happening on the Infinitus boards after the fact because I completely forgot about comedy night until the next morning when I realized I never saw you guys perform. That seriously is crappy of them though, I mean MoM didn't get on until 1am and they let them, Jason, and you guys with ALL CAPS perform til 2am. The wrock was amazing but scheduling for it was not the best. I'm glad you got to perform that morning though, I know I had fun dancing with you guys :D

The Vagabond said...

I'm pretty jealous of your hotel. I just stayed at the con hotel but I would have loved a little dose of Italian! I studied abroad there this past semester and miss it so much! Although it might have made me even sadder.

I was so unbelievably disappointed when they didn't let you play. This was going to be my first Parselmouth's show EVER! And I think it should be pointed out that the lady with the Megaphone freaking SCREAMED! How unprofessional is that?! I couldn't believe it! I was right next to your table and could hear you talking to the HPEF lady and I must say you held yourself very well. Very professional even though she called you "young". So stupid especially when she kept bringing up the fact that "she had been a professional actress and sometimes you have to deal with disappointment." Psh! Rubbish. Megaphone lady could take a page from your book about how to conduct herself though. Most definitely. And she totally went crazy on Andrew Slack when he tried to calm her down. I don't know if you saw that but it was pretty crazy.

Your Leaving Feast show was FANTASTIC! An excellent way to end the con! I wasn't even going to go but then I heard that you guys would be playing so I booked it up to the front! It was awesome and you did fantastically in your pjs. : )

I think maybe I let some Slytherin qualities out of my normal Gryffindoriness this week as well. Or maybe I just proved my Gryfindoriness. I think pretty much everyone in Gryffindor would approve (except Hermione). I snuck into Night of a Thousand Wizards. It felt even better after they pulled that crap with trying to cancel your show. Night of a Thousand and ONE Wizards, BITCHES!!

partyweetow said...

Kristina, I'm sorry to break it to you, but I don't think floral sunhats are fashionable anywhere. xD But I'm glad you still have your face. :)

PS- My word verification is "voidefro." That's another good piece of advice: avoid the fro. ;)

Katie said...

Aww skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

Emily said...

It actually makes me feel a little better, hearing that Infinitus was not as fun for you as it could have been (which sounds mean, but I hope you know what I mean by that), because some of my friends got to go and have been raving about it ever since, making me jealous. I'm sorry it wasn't more organized for your sake, but I'm also glad I didn't miss something life-changing. :]

Marie said...

I was so upset when they kicked us out- the only reason I stayed was because I wanted to see you guys play. And it was pretty scary when the HPEF woman got up and started screaming. I was like, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Me and my friends waited around until they announced you guys would be playing at the leaving feast. I was glad you still got to play and it was awesome, but I felt bad since most people were eating, sleeping, or in line for Starkid autographs and you guys deserve a lot more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sorry about the stupid organizational fails with the wrock! Infinitus was my first con, so of course I loved every minute of it anyways, but I was super disappointed when they kicked us out right before your set. :( So unfair! It made my day on Sunday though when you guys got to play there! I dragged my friend up with me as soon as I saw you guys setting up and we sat down and sang along at one of the tables closest to your stage. :D

I agree that Thursday's scheduling was annoying too... I had an awful headache after classics night, so pub night didn't really help and I actually burst into tears when I thought I'd have to miss Ministry and All Caps (we'd guessed you were the 'surprise guest') since we didn't stay at the hotel and were supposed to get picked up at 1am (we got to stay though). They really should have planned timing better- either enforce a time limit for each band, or ask the bands ahead of time how long their sets will be.

That pool was so cool though! At least you got some relaxing in there. :)

kira902k said...

I'm so happy I didn't spend my money on Infinitus. It would have been fantastic meeting Team Starkid, seeing the Final Battle live, and being in the first large group of HP nerds to go the the theme park, but all in all it sounded pretty crappy.

LeakyCon will be the best thing to ever happen. :)

It was so nice seeing you again (I did meet you at leakycon, i swear ;]) in Poughkeepsie. I always forget how awesome you are in real life (not really, I just wanted to say that.)
I wish you luck on getting over your post-tour depression. I'm still suffering from a similar sort of depression (leaving all my HP friends that I met and stayed with in NY).

Okay. Sorry for this insanely long comment.
I hope you blog about the rest of ROFLCOPTOUR. :)


kira902k said...

p.s. I just saw a picture that Monica tweeted of you in your denim dress. You look so nice/hot/beautiful/awesome. I really like it. What store did you get it at? (I hate how you can't reply to blogger comments).

sandra said...

That would be a very nice comments about the post "Tour blog #6" in this blog Oh, hey Kristina. Thanks for author to post such a good blog.


Sarah said...

Infinitus was my first con, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I'm glad that it sounds like LeakyCon is going to be much more organized. Now I just need to convince my mom to go to Florida with her nerdy daughter again. :P

I hope you had fun overall, and I wish you could have played that night. It sounds really unorganized. I wish the ball had had more nerdy music, but I'm glad that I got to give you and Lauren your dice rings! Meeting you was great! :D

Lindsey said...

"My favorite part of the night was when they played that "from the window to the wall" song and everyone, nerds of all shape, size and color, got down and dirty in the name of Harry Potter."
I would have never guessed that they would play that song at the ball. but then, look at who the DJs were xD

I'll be honest, I've been scouring your blog for mentions of things that I was also involved in at Infinitus. Like Comedy Night and your set the next morning. I almost wish you had done some unplugged songs at 2 a.m. Something just seems a bit strange about being well rested while listening to live wrock. Is it just me? But still, dancing with you guys in front of everyone at the leaving feast was a great way to end the con. LeakyCon 2011, here we come!

Speaking of, will you do The Final Battle at LeakyCon? Lena was serious about bringing it back. I hope you can, if recasting needs to be done. This year, I was a techie :)

Anonymous said...


Richard said...

@Sandra thanks for sharing